THA 8th Grade Trip 2015-webThe award to Tucson Hebrew Academy  from JCF’s Goldman Family Israel Scholarship helps pay for a student’s travel expenses to Israel. The 11-day trip takes place in May 2016.

“Taking our 8th grade students to Israel is the highlight of their year,” said Rabbi Billy Lewkowicz. “We strive for every student to participate, knowing that they will come away from the experience with memories and knowledge that impacts their future.

THA’s goal is to enlighten, inspire and strengthen our students’ understanding and connection to the land of Israel. During this journey, the students also gain a better understanding of themselves and their own part in the history of the Jewish people during this formative period in their lives.

The scholarship is funded by the Elliot S. Goldman Family Israel Scholarship Fund and the Goldman Family Israel Scholarship Fund, both endowment funds held at the JCF.