James A. Whitehill: Steadfast Commitment & Service

Jim with his wife, Jane Rodda. Photo: Martha Lochert

James “Jim” A. Whitehill is the outgoing Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Community Foundation. He has served as a Trustee of the Jewish Community Foundation for ten years and will continue to serve as Immediate Past Chair. When he is not volunteering his time at the Foundation, he is a practicing attorney with Whitehill Law Offices, specializing in real estate.

He is an active member of Arizona Town Hall and the Catalina Council of the Boy Scouts of America. He is also a former Vice President of the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona. Jim was recognized as “Man of the Year” by the Federation in 2011 for his outstanding commitment to the community. He has been featured in Best Lawyers in America, Southwest Super Lawyers, and Top Lawyers in Tucson for his expertise in real estate law. He is also a board member of Arizona’s Finest Lawyers. He was named the Outstanding Young Lawyer by the State Bar of Arizona in 1995.

As Foundation Chair, Jim says, “I have enjoyed watching the Jewish Community Foundation grow during my time as Board Chair. There is no better feeling than seeing someone’s wishes be fulfilled through their plan.”

Of his greatest achievements during his tenure, he notes, “We have over $100,000,000 in assets. That puts our Foundation in a whole new league.”

“We moved into a beautiful new building in the Fall. We are happy to be back on the Volk Jewish Community Campus and share the Harvey and Deanna Evenchik Center for Jewish Philanthropy Building with our partners at the Jewish Federation. Our operating costs will be reduced significantly which will allow more funds to flow into the community.”

“I am excited that we accomplished the goals we set at the beginning of my term two years ago. Our board is filled with smart, talented and hard working leaders. We have lively and productive board meetings. Our committees meet regularly and engage in significant discussion. We updated our bylaws. We revised our personnel manual. We modernized our gift acceptance policies. These are the day to day tasks that our board and staff worked on over the last two years.”

Jim notes that his hope for the future of the Foundation includes honoring the legacy of its lay leaders. “I have tried to remember that lots of good people came before in leading and growing the Foundation. They trusted me to honor the promises that they made. I trust those who will follow me as leaders of the Foundation to do the same.”

“In the coming years I hope that our community will revisit youth philanthropy models. I was lucky that my children were able to be involved in Tucson’s B’nai Tzedek program. I enjoyed talking with them about their ideas of tzedakah (righteous giving) and tikkun olam (repair of the world). I hope the next generation of parents and teens will create a model that works for them.”

Thank you Jim, for your steadfast commitment to Foundation and to our community!