Marilyn Einstein & Steve Sim: “Help Us Support Our First Responders”

Greater Tucson Fire Foundation

Brian has been a local firefighter for 14 years and says the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation (GTFF) counseling resources saved his marriage. He wasn’t comfortable talking with co-workers or supervisors about issues caused by PTSD, but the counselors to whom he was referred privately understand the issues that first responders face on a daily basis.

“Physicians and counselors report at least seven cases of firefighters and family members being pulled back from the brink of suicide because of access to Fire Foundation resources,” says GTFF Chair Mike McKendrick. “We offer rapid access, and affordable and confidential care from experienced counseling professionals.”

Marilyn Einstein and Steve Sim are challenging other Foundation fund holders and generous people across our community to support first responders and their family members who need crises support and/or counseling for a variety of mental health issues. Marilyn and Steve are matching gifts of any size from others with up to $20,000 from their JCF Donor Advised Fund.

Gifts can go directly to the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation or donors interested in longer-term impact can direct gifts to the GTFF endowment fund at the Jewish Community Foundation. JCF fundholders with a JCF Donor Central account can request a distribution online or by calling the Foundation at (520) 577-0388.

“Keeping my family together and making sure my three children have a stable family life is the most important thing I can do for them,” says Brian. “Knowing that all is well at home also allows me to leave home for 24 hours and stay focused on my job.  For that I am grateful.”