From the Goldfein Family:

Leadership, compassion and service to others are words we always use when describing Sam Goldfein. As a way to honor Sam, our family established the Dr. Sam Goldfein Memorial Fund at the Jewish Community Foundation.

Sam was an exceptional man. He never took credit for all he did to improve the practice of medicine, his priority was always what was best for the patient and society. Hands down, Sam was the most righteous person we knew. He was also the perpetual student, constantly studying to keep up with medical advances and physician practice management strategies. These are the traits we look for when awarding the memorial fund scholarships.

We do things differently with this fund than with typical scholarships. Rather than requesting applications, students are selected by the university faculty based on what they’ve accomplished in their time as a medical student – above and beyond what was required.

As you know, the cost of a medical education continues to escalate and medical students incur a debt that averages close to $200,000. In an effort to help reduce this burden, we have awarded scholarships to four University of Arizona medical students: Nataly Vadasz, Joseph West, Kristopher Carson Rosberg and Amber Steves. The awards were always a surprise and very much appreciated.

Each winner was recognized at an annual award ceremony, and we’re pleased to report that they continued on with great success in their academic and medical careers.

We want to thank you for your past support to provide scholarships. Together we honor a man whose commitment to healing, education and excellence will continue in perpetuity to improve the well-being of our community.

We hope you will consider a generous tax deductible contribution in 2015 to help educate our future dedicated physicians.

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