JCF’s Chanukah gift to you: $1,000 for opening a new  Donor Advised Fund

The Donor Advised Fund Match Program (DAFM) engages new fund holders and creates enthusiasm for philanthropy in our community. A donor can receive a $1,000 contribution when he or she contributes $4,000 or more to establish a new personal Donor Advised Fund or one for a child or grandchild.* The minimum to establish a Donor Advised Fund is $5,000.

Supporters of the DAFM have truly leveraged their philanthropic dollars, according to JCF CEO Tracy Salkowitz. “As of June 30, 2015,  $81,000 donated to our DAFM program by several supporters has resulted in more than $2.1 million in new contributions to Donor Advised Funds, and more than  $1 million granted from those new funds to a wide variety of charitable organizations.”

Not only has the program generated very positive results in the way of new funds established and maintained at the Foundation, but DAFM also engaged more than 30 families in planned giving through testamentary means, which will result in endowment funds in the future.

Our new donors have been most appreciative of receiving $1,000 contributions to their funds and grateful to the DAFM supporters. “Please express my very heartfelt thank you to the person who donated $1,000 to my fund.  I will use it wisely and remember that there are more good people doing good things in this world than anything else,” said one new fund holder.

To continue the momentum of the DAFM program and help expand the Foundation’s philanthropic efforts, additional funds are needed to engage more new fund holders.  “Our goal is to create an ongoing pool of funds to keep our DAFM program funded well into the future,” says Tracy.

JCF launched the program in early 2008, modeling it on a successful effort in San Diego.

*Some restrictions do apply; call us for more information.