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Corporate DAF makes Giving Convenient for Dot Kret’s Companies0

“I like the convenience of a donor advised fund and I believe in the Foundation’s mission," she says.
Echoing Hope Ranch

Echoing Hope Ranch helps people with autism0

JCF supported the Ranch’s outstanding work with a $6,658 grant for their new Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) program.
Tracy Salkowitz

Lions on the Loose in LA!0

Tracy Salkowitz became a Lion this year and participated in the Los Angeles trip together with local National Women’s Philanthropy members Marilyn Einstein and Deanna Evenchik.
Goldfinger Family

Making a Difference: The Goldfinger Family0

Melissa Goldfinger endowed her Federation gift by creating the Melissa Goldfinger Lion of Judah Endowment Fund at the Foundation to ensure gifts to the Federation after her lifetime.

Support for Jews with Special Needs0

Learn more about the 4 priority areas that address this community’s greatest needs and how you can make an impact.

DAF Match Program for New Donors0

The program engages new fund holders by contributing a $1,000 when they contribute $4,000 or more to establish a new Donor Advised Fund for themselves, a child or a grandchild.

A Chanukah Twist0

Two years ago, Matthew and Erin Hameroff received unusual Chanukah gifts from their parents. instead of the usual gift cards, packets of papers fell from their gift bags

JCF Israel Discovery Fund Application Deadline is Dec. 1st0

These grants send Jews and non-Jews from Southern Ariz. on organized trips to build positive experiences and relationships among those of different faiths, and promote positive relations with Israel.

New Holocaust Survivors Book Offers 36 Personal Accounts from Southern Arizonans0

The book honors their lives and is creating an intercultural dialogue in classrooms and the community on how to increase tolerance today.

Don’t Let the Numbers Scare You0

Do you find budgets terrifying? Numbers overwhelming? Learn how to break financial matters down, let go of being intimidated, and use a budget to take control in your work and life.