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Josh & Ashley Hurand: Stepping Up for a Community They Love0

They recently opened a Donor Advised Fund, following in the footsteps of Josh’s parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.

$33,700 Grant Funds Teachers for Secular Subjects at Hachmey Lev0

JCF is the first Jewish community foundation to fund secular education in Israel that helps lift Haredi boys out of poverty.
Ann and Sam Goldfein

Scholarship Honors Dr. Goldfein’s Memory0

We absolutely love working with families to establish scholarships and awards that honor their loved ones... The Dr. Sam Goldfein Memorial Fund is one such example.

Holocaust History Center Receives Message of Hope Funding0

This generous grant of $3,600 helps bring students to the Jewish History Museum and the Holocaust History Center.

Mellan Family Endowment Fund Established0

Stu & Nancy Mellan's family fund will provide annual support for JFSA, fund an annual artist in residency project, and support food security programs.

PJ Library: 8.6 million books in U.S. & Canada, 14 million+ globally0

“PJ Library is nothing short of a gift for Jewish children and their families. We love that we can support this program through our Community Grants Program!”

Pack Your Cyber Bag & Follow Tracy’s Trip to Israel0

We're traveling with the Weintraub Israel Center, adding visits to some of our grantees and meeting with organizations with which we hope we can develop strategic alliances.

Corporate DAF makes Giving Convenient for Dot Kret’s Companies0

“I like the convenience of a donor advised fund and I believe in the Foundation’s mission," she says.
Echoing Hope Ranch

Echoing Hope Ranch helps people with autism0

JCF supported the Ranch’s outstanding work with a $6,658 grant for their new Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) program.
Tracy Salkowitz

Lions on the Loose in LA!0

Tracy Salkowitz became a Lion this year and participated in the Los Angeles trip together with local National Women’s Philanthropy members Marilyn Einstein and Deanna Evenchik.