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Remembering Bryna, Honoring Goodness0

Bryna Zehngut’s friends wanted to honor and remember her, and they wanted to do it forever. The Bryna Zehngut Mitzvot Award was established after she passed away at 51.
Susan and Rick Levy

Tucson Jewish Concierge Makes Connecting Easy0

This one-stop service is Tucson’s warm and welcoming referral and outreach connection to all things Jewish: agencies, synagogues, services and retail.
Fred Fruchthendler

Fred Fruchthendler: Family Footprints Connect Yesterday with Tomorrow0

“The richness of one’s life is what you do for others. Without that, you end up with very little.”
Andikan Akpan

Moses & Joyce Akpan: Remembering Andikan0

It was heartbreaking when he died in 2011 from sickle cell disease complications. The Andikan Sickle Cell Victory Foundation endowment fund was established at JCF in his memory.
Brenna Lacey and Steve Rodgveller

Brenna Lacey & Steve Rodgveller: The Art of Giving Back0

Brenna and Steve have deep connections to one another, their family and friends, and our Tucson community.

Where do Jewish Families go for Help with Special Needs Children?0

In 2016, the JCC was awarded a grant to create a referral source for young adults with special needs.
Rabbi Ruven Barkan

Project Star: Education, Counseling, Social Services0

This program brings together Jewish Family & Children's Services of Southern Arizona and local synagogues to offer programs based on Jewish values.
Myles Beck and Iris Posin

Myles Beck & Iris Posin: Friendship & Community0

Talk to Myles and Iris for a while and you quickly realize the premium they place on friendship and community.
Jewish Community Foundation menorah

IRA Charitable Rollover Provision0

It's back and it's here to stay! Click this link for answers to your questions.
Barry and Madeline Friedman

Barry & Madeline Friedman: Giving Back for the Future0

Volunteers. Donors. Leaders. The Friedmans are all of these and more. Their decades of service have made our Jewish and wider communities stronger.